POP-UP: Plant Life, Mystical Flea Market by Grubber Community
29 October 2022
Avalon Cafe, London

16 October 2022
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Wessex Projects Autumn Equinox Yusef Sanei Meditation Walk Epping Forest

EVENT: Autumn Equinox Meditation Walk: Wessex Projects x Yusef Sanei 
18 September 2022, 11am-4pm 
Epping Forest
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To celebrate the Autumn Equinox (23 September), the point in the year when day and night are both equal in length and perfect balance with one another - Wessex Projects are joining up with meditation teacher and wellbeing instructor Yusef Sanei to offer a day of walking, meditation and nature-based practices in Epping Forest.

Autumn Equinox represents the start of Autumn, whilst being the last harvest in agricultural traditions it also known as the Gateway of the Year marking time to reflect on and celebrate the summer that has just past - whilst also setting intentions and preparing oneself for the winter ahead.

This group walk will be co-led by Mirren Kessling (Wessex Projects) and Yusef Sanei with the chance to take part in these guided practices led by Yusef which include:

These practices will take place outdoors within Epping Forest at points throughout the walk, they are the chance to try some of these practices for the first time or to accompany your own meditation and wellbeing practices.  

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